Club President's Message

A monthly message from the current club president:

July 2020                         

   Hi SICC members,

   I hope that everyone is in good health and spirits in spite of the turbulent waters we find ourselves navigating these days! 

   I would like to start by once again extending my sincere appreciation for all of Dee’s hard work and inspiring leadership as our president over these past two years!  Thanks to her vision and leadership, our club now has a signature fund raiser in our annual Soroptimist Golf Classic that I know will only continue to expand our reach in the community.

   As we reflect on a few other 2019/2020 activities, we should all be proud of what we accomplished to further our mission in Centre County and beyond.  I am inspired by our members’ commitment to fundraising and in carrying out the projects as we endeavor to help those less fortunate.  We had another year of successful service donations to worthy organizations and scholarship awards to deserving women working to improve their and their families’ lives – see details included in this newsletter.  Thank you all who devoted time at the concession stands in fall and spring.  Our annual poinsettia sale was again a big success thanks to all who participated in getting orders and delivering.  Thanks to Amy Wilson’s hard work, we submitted a grant proposal for NAR’s Peace Begins At Home, and even though we were not selected for the grant award, it is a worthy project that I know we will attempt to pursue.  The Fundraising and Development Committee presented great opportunities for additional fundraising such as Cheers to Art and area restaurant events.  Thanks to our member’s generosity, we supported Out Of The Cold with both donation of needed supplies and a generous gift card donation when they needed it most during this COVID-19 crisis.  There were other fundraising and club promotion ideas that, while not possible right now, will be on the back burner and ready when public events become possible again.  In addition to all of our club work, we were planning and working to host the NAR conference in State College; thank you for the time and efforts of conference co-coordinators Joan Welker and Carol Walsh as well as other members.  Even though the conference was cancelled, I am glad that some of our efforts are being re-purposed to our Soroptimist Golf Classic and raffle.

  I do want to give a heartfelt good-bye to our dear, long-term member Dorothy Pierce as she and Calvin will be moving later this year.  Dorothy has been such a dedicated member.  In addition to coordinating and housing the operations of the annual poinsettia sales, she was key to our years of successful lasagna dinners!  She and Calvin were regular concession stand volunteers, many times taking on extra shifts when needed.  For many years, they were the host for our July picnic, as they will be again this year.  Best wishes to them in there next adventure!

   I look forward to working with each of you in the 2020/2021 year to continue our positive impact in the community and world at large.  One of Soroptimist’s core values is empowerment of women and girls.  We certainly help empower those that are at risk in our community, but I also believe that we should look for opportunities to empower each other to showcase our individual skills and talents as we do our work together. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together!”  --African Proverb