Club President's Message

A monthly message from the current club president:

June 2019                             

 A Note from Dee:

Hi to all:

Hope this finds all of you enjoying your summer plans, whatever they are!

At our June meeting, in addition to having our Region’s Gov-elect, Diane Savidge, attending to install the new officers for 2019-202, we will be discussing our eventual meeting site options and our member dues for the next year.  I wanted to share with all of you the breakdown of the member dues showing how its spent and as I know there are concerns about the increase proposed, I hope you will come with creative ideas for perhaps supporting our membership with this cost, reducing it or perhaps considering ways to handle this such as a 2-payment system to reduce the one time burden.

The dues are used as follows:

SIA Dues - $74 (Soroptimist International of the Americas) - Administration, Governance and Member services for all the clubs; we can reach out to them as resources at any time and they have a small staff to work on issues, website problems, liability concerns, membership questions, etc

SI Dues - $9 (Soroptimist International) - Administration, Governance and Member services for all the Federations and supporting our delegate to the United Nations who represents on global women’s issues

Liability Insurance - $6 – this covers any liability we might have for events (i.e. if someone got hurt at a fundraiser and sued)

Founder’s Pennies (which is voluntary) – this year is $5.94 – 100% is used to support the Dream programs/scholarships (both DIBI and LYD)

North Atlantic Region Dues (NAR) - $11 – supports the Administration, Governance and Member services for all the clubs in our area; puts on the conferences and trainings that are available

Ethyl Lord Fund - $1 – goes to the fellowship currently presented to female veterans in our region

Total: $106.94

Our board suggested that the fair way to cover the room cost for our meetings, which we will now be charged $50/meeting, is that we all pay a share.  For the 11 months we meet in a facility, the total would be $550 and we have 35 members so the share would be $15.71/year.

This gives us a total of $122.65 that needs to be paid.  In order to have a small operating budget for the club (supplies, printing, travel expense to conferences, etc) the board is proposing a total dues for this year of $125.  If we can figure out additional ways to reduce our meeting costs, we perhaps could look at a smaller amount for that portion next year (possible options for meeting venue without a room charge will be discussed at June meeting).

This seems to be a time of change for the club on several fronts, but at its’ heart, is our service to others who need help.  I think this quote is lovely:

How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

All the best