Club President's Message

A monthly message from the current club president:

April 2018                               

 A Note from Fiona:

Hi Ladies,
As often is the case March has been a real teaser!!
We changed the clocks so were hopeful that Spring was on its way.
March 21st told us otherwise!!! But the snowdrops have pushed their way through and are flowering nicely so the daffodils can’t be that far behind.
We just need to keep looking forward!!!

The Lasagna dinner is on the horizon so keep selling those tickets and collecting auction basket items.

So is our Awards Banquet evening when we give out the monies that we worked so hard to earn. It is always fun to meet the recipients and realize that we are making a difference in their lives. It isn’t too late to nominate a candidate for the Spirit award but we will be voting on this at our April meeting.

We also have our evening fundraiser at The Greek Restaurant coming up soon and hopefully a Sip and Paint evening in June.

So our horizon is dotted with lots of enjoyable events.

Looking forward to seeing all the snowbirds soon.

Have an enjoyable Easter.
Fondly Fiona