Club President's Message

A monthly message from the current club president:

June  2017                                 

 A Note from Fiona:

Hi Ladies,
I send warm greetings from Scotland. Yes, it is warm but have had our share of rain on the western coast of Britain as expected.

We are having a great time and have learnt a lot. Using a women's washroom (too much coffee) in a rest area I noticed a large public service plea for personal hygiene items to be sent to women and girls in parts of the world where none are available. It keeps girls in school as we knew but also for women in refugee camps as it provides a measure of dignity when they have little privacy or dignity left. Women working together to improve the lives of other women and girls. The Soroptimist spirit is working.
It made me proud of the work we have done providing these personal items through our recent District Conference for women worldwide.

Also very proud of the effort that everyone put into the success of the recent Lasagna Dinner and Auction. Amazing work and I know that the dollars raised will be appreciated by underserved women in our own community.

Looking forward to our June meeting when we transition our board and celebrate our successes.