Club President's Message

A monthly message from the current club president:

October  2017                                 

 A Note from Fiona:

Hi Ladies,

These last warm days of summer are delightful so hope you have been out and about enjoying the season. The weather to our south has not been so kind and the news seems to get worse daily with earthquakes and continued hurricanes. It is difficult for us in the north to imagine the devastation and the rebuilding of the affected areas will take years. As always the women bear the brunt of domestic upheavals as they strive to reassure children and elderly adults alike.

The Service Committee has given us 300 dollars to add to the other generous donations from members and this money will be split between Texas and Florida. Most of our monies are generated from the concession stands and it is that season again. We may be inconvenienced by giving up a few hours of our time to work but it is nothing compared to losing a home and domestic stability. Do sign up for a shift if you are able.

Together we can do our small part to assist in improving the lives of women and girls.