Club President's Message

A monthly message from the current club president:

June, 2021                   

President’s Pen

Hi SICC Members,

   What a year – in so many ways!  Even so, it has been my pleasure to serve as SICC’s 2020/2021 president! It has afforded me the opportunity to interact and get know many of you a little better.  I certainly appreciate the creative ways in which so many of you stepped up during these challenging times to continue our work of 35 years in our community!

   As I look back to this year’s activities, we certainly did not skip a beat in doing good work with over $11,500 raised and giving of over $9,000 to support other nonprofits and deserving individuals!  Thank you to each member and chairs of the committees involved in raising and awarding these funds (Fundraising and subcommittees, Service, LYD, Spirit Award, Golf Classic, as well as individual members’ continued generosity in support $ donations and various supply projects – such as Little Bag of Sunshine and Centre Crest projects (coordinated with passion by Leslie C.)!  From pulling off our annual Golf Classic and Poinsettia sale during the pandemic to dipping our toes in unfamiliar waters by participating in the Centre Gives campaign, you all should feel proud! And we will complete our year by delivering our DIBI program at the Hameau Summer Camp for Girls in June. (Keep an eye out for how members can be involved!)

   I also am grateful for those working on committees and as individuals who support the backbone of our operations.  The Member Education and Growth committee delivered a fun, educational program and passed on lots of ideas for future member engagement and retention. Sunshine (Kay S.) sends birthday, good wishes, and support cards to membership. Linda W. continues to pull so much information together monthly for our newsletters, and Dee B. has expanded our social media footprint through website enhancements and maintaining our Facebook page!  And a shout out to Carol W. as treasurer and Sharon D-B. as secretary – critical roles that not many are willing to step into!  Thank you to the remaining board members, Marian F., directors – Anne F., Jan Lingle, Carol P., Brenda W., and Dee (past president) for support as we made decisions in the best interest of our membership and service. And hats off to our new committee – The Strategic Planning committee and all members who contributed to our 5-year plan which will be shared for final discussions at our June member meeting.  I appreciate the support and guidance I received from many of you this year!  A special nod to my friend and VP, Marian F.!  Your Zoom expertise, facilitation at our board and member meetings, and creative ideas to “move forward and get it done” played such a vital part in our success of operations this year!

   In addition, my challenge to you all throughout this year was to get to know another SICC member better!  Whether it be from reading the “We Are SICC” member spotlights in the monthly newsletter, discussions at the beginning of Zoom meetings, visiting or talking to a member who was dealing with health issues, or through committee and project work together, we all did connect in some way.      

   So as my last president’s pen, I salute you all!  While we definitely missed our in-person meetings, we did not flounder in our creativity to meet our mission in serving those in need in Centre and surrounding counties!  Congratulations to our new board and leadership. (Thank you, Nominating Committee!) Here is to an even bigger impact in 2021/2022!

Kind regards,



“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. –African Proverb